ArtScience exhibition “Rhizope” is open at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design until August 24.
Final performance „A non-performing performance – thingification” by Reiner Maria Matysik
takes place on August 24 at 5 pm.
Reiner Maria Matysik’s sculpture – made of his own cells and transformed into a wet specimen – at the “Rhizope” exhibition provides us with an artistic research example that aims to bring inert matter to life. His sculpture is an indication of man´s changing conception of biology, of his biological role, and especially of the biological activity itself. Matysik’s artwork merges designed objects with natural organisms, fusing the harmonious natural and the man-made. Redefining life in sculpture means to understand living matter through its creation.



Conference "Art & Science – Hybrid Art and Interdisciplinary Research" 30.05 - 1.06.2014,
Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia
Exhibition "Rhizope" 29.05 - 24.08.2014, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia

Art and science collaboration and various hybrid research practices have become keywords of the 21st century.
The intertwining of different fields and paradigm change that involves scientific innovation, new technologies and historical/cultural traditions are reflected in many of the works of art that expand our imagination and provoke several questions that are important today. The intertwining between music, art, natural and computer sciences can be seen in new media, biotechnology, telecommunication art and other art practices of experimental nature. How to understand and spur the collaboration and synergy between different fields of life, how do new values and unprecedented forms of

collaboration arise that are not limited by the narrow boundaries of disciplines isolated from each other? The analysis of contemporary experiments may dishevel old categories but the main goal – improved understanding of the nature, surrounding environment and therefore oneself – is unchanged. Interdisciplinary workgroups create common ideas everywhere in the world, the blistering pace of scientific and technological development allows involvement in this on very different levels. Playful, risk-seeking and provocative forms of collaboration are very welcome from the perspective of the cultural whole, the practical models of new paradigms are created in the best way through the collaboration of various workgroups and artists.

The main goal of the exhibition and conference "Art and Science – Hybrid Art and Interdisciplinary Research" is to find and exhibit creative projects that were conceived through the collaboration of art and science by involving very different artists and creative practices into this process. Both members of Estonian graduate schools, as well as internationally renowned artists and workgroups will participate in this. Our goal is to involve in the process as broad a spectrum as possible from social sciences and humanities to technical sciences, to discuss the important new phenomena of the 21st century, to see how different scientific fields affect cultural creativity and vice versa and which significant societal and ethical questions arise as a result.

The event is sponsored by the Estonian Academy of Arts, Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and many others.